Targetorate "Technology Consulting"Accelerating Business Growth & Marketing Efficiency

We introduce you to the latest technologies in your field to help streamline your processes, improve performance, and ultimately gain maximum business benefits. By combining our industry expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies, we guide you in transforming the way you do business. We have a successful track record of serving businesses of different industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Electronics, Retail, E-commerce, Education etc.

By partnering with us, you get access to disruptive technologies and tools including the latest advances in production technology, workflow management, process optimization, infrastructure and many more. We keep you ahead of the curve by providing continuous support throughout the implementation lifecycle.

Targetorate’s Technology Consulting Services evaluate different technology strategies aligned with your business and structure them through strategic, implementation, operational and architectural roadmaps to help you achieve your project goals.

Areas We Cover

IT Analytics

We help you gain powerful insights into your IT operations by analysing your data. These insights can further be leveraged to boost the performance of your IT team.

New Technology Implementation

Our technology experts help you identify the best technology solutions for your business and guide you throughout the implementation phase.

IT Strategy for Business Operations

We help you improve your company’s internal operations and performance by developing strategies for making changes in the targeted operating model.

Business Process Optimization

Targetorate help develop and implement a roadmap for optimization of processes across your business that will boost efficiency and ultimately drive results.

Legacy Modernization

Our Modernization specialists help you streamline processes, improve performance and create effective ways of serving customers by guiding you in modernizing your legacy applications. We enable you to decide which application to be shelved, which is to be improved and which is to be replaced. Thus, help you get rid of the classic ‘build vs buy’ debate.

IT Performance Measurement & Improvement

Targetorate’s Performance Measurement approach helps you align your operational activities with strategic priorities that can drive the right decisions and process improvement across diverse operations.

Strategic Outsourcing & Offshoring:

Our IT outsourcing and offshoring consulting services help you identify the right technology and IT resources to outsource from the right vendor.


Our consultants help you identify the right area, technology, resources to set up your captive unit by doing deep analysis of the project size, situation of the offshore country, complexity of operations and other critical aspects.

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