"3 Ways to Craft and Nail Your Brand Voice"

A brand voice denotes your business personality. It is basically like a person talking about your business to your potential customers or clients and sharing how tangible your service or offering is and that’s why it’s a big thing and makes a huge impact on your brand value. Your brand voice is the avatar that interacts with your customers the most. Be it the social media, paid campaigns, blogs, articles or the messaging of your website – these are the touchpoints that you have with your customers through the avatar. Every time a potential customer runs into these touchpoints, they are meeting your brand values through the brand voice. These points establish a connection and help to convert the visitor into a customer who shows interest in your business.

But curating a brand voice out of thin air is difficult. You will hit the existential question about your business – who are we?

Well, don’t worry because here we will help you to find out the answer to this question and build the foundation of your brand voice.

Personal or Business

The first and foremost step into crafting your brand voice is deciding what your avatar is. To clarify further, decide what position will your voice represent to your customers.

The two options are:

  • The business itself
  • An employee of the business, like Managing Director, CEO, Executive, etc.

Think about it carefully because both have immense success value. It will be the decisive factor of the tone and language of your content as well.

Friend or Mentor

The second aspect to decide is where does your business personality spectrum stand in the equation to the customers.

The two options are:

  • The fun friend
  • The matured mentor

Understand your business values and proposition, and you will understand which tone you want to set. Many businesses require a friendly brand voice to talk to the customers or visitors like a friend meeting over a coffee or bumping into a marketing conference; whereas, many brands communicate as matured mentors who aim to provide suggestion and help you in making life-altering changes.

If you are feeling that your brand avatar is neither particularly a friend nor specifically a mentor then don’t worry because there’s another spectrum you can look into. In several businesses, there’s an area where the tone needs to be bent accordingly. Sometimes you might be a friend and a mentor both together. So, understand and figure out where your business stands on the friend to mentor spectrum.

Easy Language or Jargon

Once you have figured out who your avatar is and what tone will it speak, it is time to decide what words your avatar will utter.

The two options are:

  • Easy language
  • Jargon

This is the spectrum where you pick whether you will be interacting in a language that is familiar to all or use niche jargon so that experts and those who are well-versed with the industry figure out what you are conveying.

To elaborate further many brands use an easy language to entice customers as they want to communicate to people who are not well conversant with the unique terminologies, while many prefer to use industry jargon when they want to communicate with people you are well equipped to understand the terms and their meaning. For instance, if you are reading a medical journal then you might come across words that you won’t understand because it is written for the audience who are related to the medical profession. Meanwhile, if you land on a shopping website, their language is easy to understand as they want to target everyone.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean your brand voice has to speak in either easy language or jargon. If you feel, you can get a point in between and use a blend of easy language with a hint of jargon and vice versa. It all depends on what you feel will work best for communicating with the customers and generating leads through them.

Well, these steps can be pretty confusing and evoke doubts in the mind of the customers. Your brand voice might change often even without you noticing it.

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