"3 Reasons Why Backlinks Can Boost Your Business Growth"

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the major processes that helps in boosting the company’s lead generation by growing the quality and quantity of website traffic. World Internet Usage has grown by 1,239% in the last 20 years and more than 59% of online businesses have witnessed increased digital conversion due to well-structured SEO. And one of the most used words in the SEO sector is backlinks.

Backlinks are important for your online success and involve a variety of activities that are instrumental to the website’s online growth.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a particular webpage. Backlinks represent major metrics determining the ranking of a webpage on the search engines. When a webpage has a lot of backlinks, then it is tended to rank higher in search engines, including Google.

Some of the common terms related to backlinks are:

Link Juice
It is generated when a webpage links to any of the articles or website’s homepage, which in return helps in improving the domain authority.

No-Follow Link
When the linking of a website to another website has a no-follow tag then there’s no generation of link juice and this link is called a no-follow link. These links are often the outcome of linking to unreliable sites and do not contribute to anything.

Do-Follow Link
By default, any links that are added to the website are do-follow links, and these pass link juice.

Low-Quality Link
Links that are harvested from spam sites, porn sites, automated sites are considered low-quality links.

Linking Root Domains
When several backlinks are coming to your website from a unique domain then they are referred to as Linking Root Domains.

Internal Links
The process of linking one page to another within the same domain is called internal linking or interlinking.

Anchor Text
It is referred to as the text that is used for hyperlinks. Anchor text backlinks are most effective when you are trying to rank on the search engine for particular keywords.

Well, these are essential aspects of backlinks, and it pays back engaging an expert who brings the right knowledge and best infrastructure to generate the backlinks, which in return boosts the SEO and helps in higher search engine ranking and improved online reputation.

Here are the 3 benefits of Backlinks

Improvement Of Organic Ranking
Backlinks are instrumental in giving better search engine rankings. If your content is receiving links from other sites, then that content will organically start to rank higher in the search results. If you are not getting good search engine results, then you need to proactively build backlinks with the help of an expert.

Faster Indexing
There are search engine bots that discover new webpages by following backlinks from the existing webpages. An effective crawling of your site on the search engine happens only when the search engine bots have discovered your website. If you don’t have any backlinks, then finding your site will be very difficult by the search engine bots. And the importance of backlinks enhances twofold when you have a new website as they support faster discovery and indexing of your site.

Referral Traffic
One of the significant benefits of backlinks is in getting referral traffic. A person who’s reading a blog post often clicks on the given link(s) to know more about the highlighted topic. This is termed as referral traffic. Since the action is voluntary, it’s less likely that the person leaves the page, thereby giving a low bounce rate.

Hope this provides some perspective on why backlinks are pivotal to the effectiveness of SEO. Don’t lose your website traffic and domain authority, partner with us and get the best results in a few weeks.

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