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US-based SaaS Company’s Digital Capabilities Amplified with a High Capability Dedicated Team

Case Study-04

Client Overview

Our client is a US-based SaaS company, a prominent player in the industry, specializing in disability support and advocacy. Their services empower organizations to make data-driven decisions, ensuring equitable outcomes for individuals with disabilities. As a leader, their impact reverberates across the sector, bridging gaps and amplifying voices that matter most. Empowering Change Through Data.

  • Industry: SaaS Health-Tech
  • Location: US
  • Target Market: US


The client, a leading SaaS company, was eager to significantly enhance their digital capabilities. They were keen to optimize their existing processes to better handle the growing demands of their business. The client was expanding and wanted to scale their digital marketing team to handle the marketing needs.

Our Role & Approach

In response to the client’s unique challenges and requirements, we set up a dedicated high capabilities digital team. This team was entrusted with managing the client’s digital strategy and operations. We followed a systematic approach to manage the digital center, delivering the project at 1/2 the cost as US, thereby providing significant cost savings.


Our teams delivered the following for the client:

Setup a dedicated team of digital experts

Expertise in areas of creative thought process, branding and more

Creativity skills in areas of video, graphics, and content

Significant increase in brand outreach across the target audience

Significant cost savings


Improved online reputation

Social media activeness improved by more than 100%

Student admission rate improved by 30%

10+ keywords successfully ranked ib first page of search engines

Increased conversion rate by 44%

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