Targetorate "Industries"We possess the industry expertise you need to become an industry leader.

Armed with experts from various industries, we serve businesses of a range of sectors to help them successfully meet their digital marketing, technology, staffing and go-to-market needs. Since our inception, we have helped many organizations enable smart operation and boost productivity.

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We extend our service to the following major industries:

  • Healthcare
    Our robust digital marketing strategies help healthcare services providers, medical equipment and various aggregators in the eco-system in leveraging several B2B and B2C channels to acquire new customers. 
  • Manufacturing
    Organizations focused on manufacturing, processing and supply chain of a range of industry products leverage our comprehensive GTM services to expand and generate business leads in India and abroad. 
  • Education
    We have been consistently providing digital marketing services to Academic institutions offerings formal education, professional and executive programs. Our digital marketing services help them improve metrics/KPIs and generate qualified leads. 
  • Hospitality
    We help businesses operating in industries like hotels, events, tourism and related customer service providers, craft and implement the right customer acquisition and retention strategy by exploiting multi-channel interaction model. 
  • Retail
    For organizations selling a broad range of retail products/services to individual consumers, we implement a range of organic and inorganic digital marketing tactical initiatives to improve brand image, conversion rate and generate leads. 
  • Information Technology
    Our team of GTM and Digital Marketing experts help organizations involved in the development and manufacturing of technology across industries, by defining and implementing the right combination of ATL/BTL/Digital initiatives to drive business growth.

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