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US-based IT Services Company’s Digital Capabilities Amplified with a High Capability Dedicated Team

US-based IT Services Company’s Digital Capabilities Amplified with a High Capability Dedicated Team

Client Overview

Our client is a US-based services company, a prominent player in the industry, specializing in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to global enterprise clients. From AI/ML & IoT to Application Development, Hybrid/Edge/Cloud Infrastructure, BI & Data Analytics, and Digital Transformation, the client offers a comprehensive suite of services. With a strong presence in Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and IT, the client’s solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each industry, fostering digital transformation and sustainable growth.

  • Industry: Services
  • Location: US
  • Client Target Market: Domestic
  • Team Location: Global


The client, a leading services company, was eager to significantly enhance their digital capabilities. They were keen to optimize their existing processes to better handle the growing demands of their business. The client was also in need of a dedicated team with skills in Digital Lead, Marketing Strategy, Creative Strategy, Market Research, SEO, Video, Copywriting, Graphics, and Emails, to further their business growth.

Our Role & Approach

In response to the client’s unique challenges and requirements, we set up a dedicated high capabilities digital team. This team was entrusted with managing the client’s digital strategy and operations. From recruitment, team operation, technology/tools to marketing leadership we delivered end-to-end service.


Our team delivered the following for the client:

Setup a scalable team of digital experts based on changes in requirements

Expertise in areas of creative thought process, branding and more

Creativity skills in areas of videos, graphics, and content

Significant increase in brand outreach across the target audience

Increase in website traffic and social media traction

Significant cost savings upwards of 60%


Increased number of registrations by 20%

Decreased bounce rates by 7%

Established brand in the targeted segment

Video marketing increased conversion rate by 10%

Enabled active business transactions

Helped in expansion of the business PAN India

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