"Make Effective Use of Social Media Platforms to Improve your Online Reputation"

Online Reputation is the image of a company that remains in the mind of customers; the creation of the same needs a lot of effort and losing needs none. It needs reputation management to influence the public interpretation and maintain the online presence for sharing what does the brand stand for.

Tips to improve your online reputation using social media platforms

  • Brand Building
    It includes bringing awareness about the company and its products or services, establishing the demand by promoting the company using various marketing and advertising strategies to create an online image. This brand building gives voice to the company, which is useful for reaching out to the customers and staying in the competition.
  • Right Use of Social Platforms
    Social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook have an immense ability to network with friends, relatives, businesses, customers, and. These platforms allow us to sell, promote, advertise online, and remain accessible to all.
  • Being Trustworthy
    The image you have built wins the trust of customers, employees, agents, working partners but precautionary measures to maintain the trust are a must. Being Trustworthy and remaining trustworthy are quite different. E.g. The latest trend is attaching a purpose to the brand like sharing profits from sales online with a cause. E.g. P&G supports education. Obviously, it increases brand value.
  • Being Newsworthy
    Companies and products that win hearts and conquer the markets are usually able to find their way to be in the news and people who see them get inspired to share them. This adds to the online reputation and strengthens the brand’s position. E.g. OnePlus Smartphone is rated for 100% customer satisfaction in India, even higher than Apple’s smartphones.
  • Monitor the Reputation
    Keep a close watch on what is being shared about your company, its brand, and quality, etc. whether positive or negative. If positive is that relevant and should remain attached to the brand, is it creating value, and if it is negative what can be done to improve as well as minimize the adverse effect of the same on the brand.
  • Wall of Fame
    Your business is evolving around internal and external customers. Internal customers being the ones who deliver satisfactory service to the external ones and are impacted by the online reputation of the company Eg. Employee recognition for contribution and growth of a business can boost employee self-esteem and helps in employee retention. External customers, suppliers, dealers, agents all are part of your business success hence mention them and their positive influence in your blogs, posts, etc obviously not sounding like their advertisement. The companies they belong to or if an individual still you should seek permission to disclose the names and content attached to it.

Tools to improve online presence

Popular sites like Google, Mouthshut, Amazon, Flipkart, Reevo, Compare India, Viewpoints, and Epinions provide customer reviews about the services and products, which encourage prospects to check the rating of the supplier and order with peace of mind.

Public opinion matters a lot as the internet is providing opportunities to share views, reviews, and post comments about the quality of products and services. We can make positive use of public opinion to gain publicity, promote your brand, and establish it firmly.

Along with the immense possibility of receiving good reviews, there is a threat to the negative publicity that can destroy the image of your company leading to the benefit of your competitors.

  • Avoiding negative publicity is not easy but a regular check on the reviews can help you in handling the complaints, upsets, unmatched expectations saving you from the larger impact of losing the customer interest.
  • Your outlook about the negative review should be practical, not emotional considering it as an opportunity to improve and further satisfy the customer.
  • Never fight for the sake of proving something, instead strive for improving. Respond on priority and remain positive to indulge in the situation at the required level.
  • You may choose to handle few things offline if the conversations are too fiery or too frequent to unnecessary attract attention.

Positive reviews increase the sales and negative reviews decline the sales, employee morale, customer’s faith gaining the same position is a challenge in this severely competitive world of business.

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