CRA "Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy"

Targetorate GTM consultants empower you with a detailed analysis of a market opportunity, and then help your sales force to attack it. We extent an array of services most necessary to start, expand, manage and grow business in India to companies looking for entering the Indian market.

Our broad range of cohesive and end-to-end partnering solutions, support and strategies enable organizations to have a softer entry, smoother operations and highest profitability. The core attributes of our services include Legal affairs, Labor Laws, Compliance Management, Logistics, Human Resource, Distribution Channel/Network Development & Management, Strategic Alliances & Partnering and many more.

Areas We Cover

Defining the Target Markets

Defining your ideal target markets for particular products or services plays a vital role in your GTM strategy. While defining your target markets we consider factors like location, demographics, buyer personas, drivers of need, online/offline and more.

Defining the Target Customer

We help you define your target audience through various methods including online surveys, group interviews, personal interviews, in-store interactions etc.

Brand Positioning

We develop intelligent and innovative approaches to positively position your brand in the minds of your targeted audience.

Defining Company’s Offerings

We help you define your offerings and their hierarchy. We also define your product and services’ unique value proposition by thoroughly understanding the main features and benefits of your products and services.

Defining Delivery Channels

We help you define effective channels to link your offering to your customers. The channels might include physical shops, e-commerce sites, service call centre, trade shows, seminars etc.

Building Budget Models

After your offerings and channels are ready, we build you a budget model that clearly defines your product pricing and estimates costs by assessing the value of your offerings to the target customers.

Defining Marketing Strategy

We help you define unique marketing strategies for each target market segment with the objective of creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

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