Staffing "Permanent"

Onboard the rightly skilled technical, functional, administrative and managerial resources for your offshore captives unit.
Are you ready to find your next star performer?

Targetorate helps you build your in-house digital marketing team by hiring permanent employees. We provide candidates, including senior/executive-level professionals having deep domain expertise, the digital as well as technical know-how and personality traits that are required to successfully drive your digital marketing projects.

Our expert recruiters possess years of valuable experience in staffing and understand your business processes and requirements thoroughly before hiring candidates for permanent positions. We understand the short term requirements and long term goals of your business and provide you the right candidate with the required skill set in even short notices. Our foolproof hiring process guarantees that you onboard the most genuine candidate. In order to meet your staffing requirements faster, we have developed a pool of talent including professionals of various fields such as SEO, content, web development, UI, graphics and paid campaign with different levels of experience.

Core Capabilities

Preparing customized recruitment strategy

Screening resumes

Conducting technical and aptitude tests

Verifying credentials

Negotiation salary

Providing post-recruitment support


P Staff
  • Reduced risk of hiring wrong candidates
  • Staffing within budget
  • Access to global talent
  • Access to hiring experts

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