Digital Strategy "Customer Analytics"

A strategy is not just about a good idea. It’s about driving business growth. And we are experts in it.

We provide Customer Analytics services that help you better target customers by predicting customer behavior, providing personalized product and service recommendations, and enabling a 360-degree customer view. We also provide Customer Analytics Consulting services to help you build an effective customer segmentation strategy.

By developing sophisticated customer analytics models and effective customer acquisition and retention strategies, Targetorate enables businesses to understand their customers and meet their requirements leading to retention of high-value customers. We specialize in identifying and exploiting the key drivers in boosting your customer satisfaction. Our team of customer service strategists helps you.

  • Deliver a high-quality service experience with fewer efforts to customers
  • Enable seamless customer resolution journeys while reducing costs
  • Make a smooth shift from live to self-service customer support model

Core Capabilities

Building strategies to boost service speed and customer satisfaction

Identifying different personas based on the types of customers you deal with

Identifying customers’ key pain points

Understanding customer expectations

Enabling proactive customer support on website, app and social media

Omni-channel customer experience


Customer service
  • Happier customers
  • Improved brand recall
  • Heightened digital metrics
  • Improved customer retention

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