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INDUSTRIALIZATION : Business and Technology Perspective

Industries have evolved by incorporating innovations. These innovations, today, have brought in technologies that have transformed the industry. The advent of computerization and digitization has further enhanced the processes of industries across the globe. Today, technology has made its inroads into every industry. The application of Information Technology has automated industry processes in a thoroughly new way, establishing systems to monitor and control operations. This has reduced strenuous efforts and relieves humans from the stress of reliability and perfection. Industries constantly aspire and encourage individuals to take over a variety of roles in several sectors. However, this significant change that technology has brought in, demands the fresh graduates to improve their performance.

There is a continuous search for individuals who can bring innovative results in industries. Companies have varying requirements and opportunities, and the need for individuals to experiment has multiplied. Industries have become highly techno-centric as they assist in implementing minor to major processes. Companies seek young minds who can align with the system, fulfil the requirements of their clients, understand the industry processes and deliver effective results.

Industrialization (representing book, in this context) is an endeavour to impart skills that make the students reach their career goals. It sets out to provide a 360° view of the applications of technology across industries. It focuses on bridging the gap between education and workplace. The book provides a platform to engage students into a rich learning experience, encouraging them to take informed decisions about their career and enhance their employability.

As industries are evolving with every passing year, it becomes essential for fresh graduates to understand the know-how of the changing industries. The book brings in the best industrial practices with scholastic learning to enable students to analyze the needs of current market and prepare them by enhancing their skills required in the industry.

By providing an opportunity for students to understand the concepts at their own pace, the book reduces the dependency on an external industry expert to deliver Industrialization workshops. It is structured in a manner to make it easier for students from different domains to comprehend and apply the concepts at ease. Some of the topics that are covered in the book are – Changing Landscape of Industries, Corporate Structure & Functions, Role of Next Generation in Industries, Competing Demands from Corporates & End Clients, Evolving Project Management Methodologies, Application of Technology across Industries, End to End Business Process Lifecycle, Innovations in Industry 4.0, Key Trends in Technology and Entrepreneurship. The topics are also supported with case studies and exercises to provide experiential learning.

In addition to focusing on the core needs, Industrialization also emphasizes on enhancing students’ business communication, interpersonal and soft skills, personality development and creative thinking; all of which are required to perform efficiently in organization. The concepts enable students to understand the complexity involved in decision-making process and guides them to implement these learnings in real life situations. It also focuses on technical delivery and business acumen enhancing students’ potential, while accelerating their productivity and increasing proficiency.

The book induces corporate values and grooms students to meet the requirements of the industry. The book also works in tandem with educators to help students gain a practical mindset.

In overall, Industrialization provides an engaging platform for students to

Industrialization broadens the horizons of students’ existing knowledge to make them industry-ready through the learning environment that nurtures them to develop entrepreneurship while equipping them to be employable and successful in the industry of their choice.

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Abhijeet is a successful entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of industry experience spanning across business development, sales solutions, and solutions delivery. He gained tremendous exposure working directly with clients in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Abhijeet carries a good blend of expertise in different sectors such as Technology, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

As the Managing Director of Targetorate, Abhijeet drives GTM strategies of clients across various industries and markets for mutual growth, established incumbents, and markets for new entrants and technology start-ups. In the past, he held a number of prestigious positions, such as the Vice President with Accenture, Global Presales Head with iGate and Lead Architect with Tech Mahindra. He has a strong academic background with specialization in Masters in Computer Applications and Business Administration.

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