Targetorate "Offshoring as a Service" for the Staffing and Recruitment Industry

Boost innovation, reduce man-power costs, and future-proof your business with your own dedicated offshore team.

The global staffing market is a vibrant and dynamic sector, with approximately 26,000 staffing and recruiting companies operating in the US alone. These companies collectively generate over a quarter of the global staffing sector’s revenue, making it the largest staffing market in the world. However, challenges in growth and scaling persist, particularly in the IT staffing market due to the specialized skill sets required for numerous roles. Yet, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and differentiation, paving the way for staffing companies to carve out their unique value propositions in the market.

Setting up an offshore office in India can be a strategic move for staffing companies. India’s vast pool of talented professionals, cost-effective services, and robust IT infrastructure make it an attractive destination for offshoring. The time zone difference between India and the other countries globally can ensure round-the-clock operations, providing a competitive edge in the fast-paced staffing industry. In this context, Targetorate, with its extensive experience and expertise in setting up offshore teams for global companies, can be an invaluable partner. Targetorate’s deep understanding of the Indian market, coupled with its proven track record in establishing and managing offshore teams, can help staffing companies navigate the complexities of offshoring and realize their growth objectives in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Targetorate has experience in setting up 20+ offshore dedicated centers. The team will consist of team lead, and recruiters. We handle end-to-end dedicated centers for greater business efficiency. Easily scale services up or down based on changing business needs. Reduce the risk and impact of workforce related issues such as lack of trained resources, recruitment, training, payroll, employee benefits, hiring, layoff and more. We provide a well-structured procedure to set-up your business operations by onboarding the right resources and implementing the appropriate technology and tools. We extend our services beyond just setting-up operations by offering tactful strategies that will add value to the success of your business.

Our well-designed model is built on the principle of continuously providing ROI from the very beginning of the engagement. By adopting this model, we become an extension of your organization, ensuring that you will enjoy all the benefits of global delivery, with the benefit of total control. In future if you wish to run the center by yourself, we help with transferring the operations center as your own subsidiary. Moreover, post-transfer we also suggest and implement various creative and inexpensive solutions for you to face the challenges ahead.

Our services also include end-to-end consulting, project management and support assistance to set-up the dedicated offshore center. We have extensive experience in driving, setting up and running dedicated centers in India for several global businesses.

Core Capabilities

Large Talent Pool

Human Resource Management


Cost Optimization

Regulatory Compliance

Cultural Understanding


  • Lower establishment & operational costs
  • Availability of right set of technical skills and scale 
  • Rapid scaling and complete control of your operations
  • 100% IP protection
  • Faster time to market
  • Local expertise and continuous customer advisory service
  • Quicker learning curve through on-the-job training
  • Access to world-class methods, best practices and procedures

When it comes to staying competitive and profitable in a fast changing market, there is no time to lose. All small,medium or large-sized businesses alike will need to find ways to compete, without getting into a pricing war and offshoring is the way forward.

Are you ready to streamline your business efficiency? Talk to our experts to know how Offshoring as a Service can help you run your business more profitably.

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