Digital Marketing "Search Engine Marketing (SEM)"

Partner with us to drive enormous traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers!

When it comes to your company’s website, you always want it to be found by your target audience before your competitors. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) gives you the power to reach internet users via both organic search engine traffic and paid campaigns. If your website is not appearing on search results organically or through paid ads, then you seriously need experts’ help. We are experts in search engine marketing and have been aiding businesses across industries to acquire new customers.

We specialize in creating targeted, data-driven free/paid campaigns. We develop search engine campaigns from scratch and can audit and retool your existing campaigns that have not been proven effective. Targetorate can help create a custom SME approach to meet your business goals. We marry SEO and Pay-per-click approaches to give you the best results.

Core Capabilities

Search engine marketing strategy

Search engine optimization

Pay-per-click management

Conversion rate optimization

Content marketing

Local SEO

Analysis, analytics and reporting


  • Increased brand awareness among target audience
  • Better management of ads
  • Targeting the right audience with optimized ads
  • Increased traffic on website through improved ad visibility
  • Appearing on top ranking keywords
  • Greater ROI through paid search strategies

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